The Easiest Way to Connect with Your Followers!

Use text messaging to communicate with your following and you’ll have nearly a 100% read rate. There’s no better way to connect, period.

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lead generation tablet

Build your follower list effortlessly so you can connect when you want.

lead generation tablet

Drip content to new followers with automated message series.

lead generation tablet

Communicate with followers via text message — there's no spam box and 98% of messages are read.

add follower to contact list

Build Your List

No, not an email list, a text list! Start collecting your customers’ most important number — their cell phone — and create relationships that increase the three R’s: repeat business, reputation, and results

  • Subscriber opt-in form custom-designed to build your brand
  • Social media widgets to own your Followers outside of social
  • Batch import existing followers

Recorded at SMS Masterminds (our parent company)

automated personalized text messaged

Send Personalized Texts, Automatically

Send personalized texts to hundreds or thousands of followers, automatically and engage them on a new level.

  • Automatically sent based upon time intervals
  • Customize message templates and replies
  • Measure success with detailed reporting
SMS vs Email

Generate Sales, Instantly

Most subscribers will read your text within a few mins, encourage them to take action…

  • Generate 10-20x the click thru (when compared to email)
  • Include links to promote an event or sale
  • Track results in real-time

Capture & Connect With Your Followers


Already Collecting Emails? Get Their Phone Number Too!

Allow followers to opt into your text messaging list at the same time as they sign up for your emails. When a new follower joins, a series of automated texts can be triggered to drip your valuable content to them…all without you lifting a finger!


Catch ‘Em At The Exits

Don’t let visitors walk away without one more attempt to capture their details. A popup that triggers when a visitor leaves the site can mean the difference between a lost opportunity and a loyal follower.


A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

Easily send memes, pictures, or inspirational images that add punch to your text and drive home your message.

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We make connecting with their followers a snap! Case Study

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